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There are few things more necessary for comfortable living than dependable transportation. Whether it’s tackling the daily commute or setting off on a road trip, a reliable car, truck, or SUV gives you the freedom you need. In an age with many different makes and models to choose from, finding the right new or used vehicle for your unique needs might seem complicated, but it becomes easy when you come and shop with the experts here at North Bay Ford.

As a Ford dealer, we want to do our part to help every driver get behind the wheel of a new or used vehicle that they can trust and drive away with confidence, knowing that they’ve made the best choice for their future. For over a century, Ford has been an example of raising the bar when it comes to manufacturing vehicles that can suit the needs of any type of driver. Here at North Bay Ford, you’ll find a selection of new and used vehicles that surpass expectations and represent the best of what Ford offers.

A white 2024 Ford Explorer XLT parked under a tree in the middle of a field.

The Best of the Blue Oval

Ford’s long-standing reputation for quality is unmatched by any other manufacturer in the industry. Not only has the brand played a significant role in providing American drivers with many methods of reliable transportation, but it is intrinsically linked to many vital moments in American history. Ford has many notable achievements in its history, such as inventing the moving assembly line, which streamlined production and made cars affordable for everyone. The pickup trucks that Ford manufactured helped to expand American infrastructure from coast to coast, and the brand played a key role in wartime production during the Second World War.

Since then, Ford has introduced many vehicles that have become essential pieces of Americana, such as the Mustang, F-150, and Bronco. Options like the Expedition and Explorer helped pave the way for the massive SUV boom that we know today. This dedication has continued to the present day, and the modern Ford fleet is continuously celebrated for its wide range of achievements. From pickup trucks like the F-150 and Ranger to SUVs like the Bronco and Explorer, a Ford vehicle will serve you well and exemplify what over 100 years of hard work and tireless dedication results in.

Blue ambient lighting in the cabin of a 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning at a Ford dealer.

We Carry the Latest Ford Vehicles

If there’s one thing that’s always been synonymous with Ford since its formative years, it’s innovation. With each passing model year, Ford introduces new features and technology that accentuate the prowess and sustainability of its offerings. Here at North Bay Ford, you’ll find a vast selection of the latest Ford models ready to go from our lot to your driveway.

The pickup truck has been Ford’s bread and butter since the beginning, and the brand continues to revel in its excellent offerings. The F-150 pickup needs little introduction, as its multiple powertrains and trims have led it to become the highest-selling pickup truck in the United States, and the Ranger continues to exemplify midsized perfection. Excellence can be found on a smaller scale in the Ford Maverick, proving once and for all that big things come in small packages.

The SUV boom has been continuous since the early 2000s. Ford has always built the best SUVs, like the Explorer and Expedition, which are ideal for large families requiring plenty of seating and storage. These models offer the same unmatched reliability and performance as Ford trucks, in a more family-friendly configuration. Meanwhile, the rugged Bronco and Bronco Sport can drive within the city limits and embark on an adventure off the pavement with equal ease.

As EVs become more commonplace and charging stations continue to pop up in new locations, Ford offers some of the best all-electric options. These options provide exceptional performance and allow you to circumvent the gas pump altogether. The F-150 Lightning offers long range and the type of performance associated with the gasoline-powered F-150 models. Meanwhile, the Mustang Mach-E combines the performance that made its namesake famous in the 1960s and merges it with the practicality and versatility that many drivers look for in an SUV.

Shop Our Selection of Used Models

Many drivers shop for used vehicles to save on upfront costs and insurance premiums. If you are one of them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our used selection here at North Bay Ford. While we certainly have a vast array of used Ford models that are all held to the highest quality standards, we also carry many other makes and models from all across the industry. Whether you are shopping for a Toyota, Honda, Mazda, or other brand, you are sure to find something in our pre-owned inventory. We also have used offerings at incredibly affordable prices and are constantly having used vehicle specials. Both are great ways to save on the vehicle you want, and we also offer financing options if necessary.

A grey 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse doing a burnout in an empty lot.

We Want to Help You Get a Vehicle

At North Bay Ford, we understand you might have had a negative car-buying experience at other dealerships in the past. You might have dealt with a pushy salesperson who tried to sell you something out of your price range, or you might have been unable to find something suitable for your needs. Because we understand this, we do our very best to ensure you have an enjoyable and informative buying experience that allows you to drive off in the vehicle you’ve always wanted.

This means that we conduct every transaction with complete and total transparency. There’s no pretense or hidden agenda. We want to get you behind the wheel of a vehicle that provides a comfortable driving experience and allows you to reap the benefits of its sustainability and features. This means guiding you through the selection process.

We’ll ask the essential questions, answer any of your questions, and address any concerns you might have regarding something on our lot. We’ll put you in the driver’s seat and allow you to guide us in helping you find something that suits you perfectly. We’ll ask if you prefer new or used, what you are looking for in a vehicle, and how important different aspects and features are to you. We have a selection that offers something for everyone, and we’ll work extra hard to help you choose what’s ideal for your next purchase.

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